20 Year Transportation Demand Management

Teton Village District Offices

In 1998, Teton County approved the Teton Village Resort Master Plan that reduced the bed base and skier capacity, while providing a framework for the area to grow from its 1998 levels. As a condition of approval, TVA was created to help JHMR implement a multifaceted Travel Demand Management (TDM) Program to encourage travel by alternate modes, thereby ensuring that vehicle traffic from the expanded ski resort would not overwhelm the local road system.  Key elements of the program included expanded transit service, constructing the Stilson Park and Ride, implementing pay parking at Teton Village, and expanding restaurant and retail services for the additional guests staying at the Resort. The 20 year TDM summary highlights what travel habits were like when the expansion was approved, what they are like today, and the traffic counts we would have seen if TVA and JHMR had not actively managed travel demand.  The data shows TVA helps keep overall traffic at a flat line, basically to the year 2000 winter levels.

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