2020 McCollister Drive Water Main Replacement Project

The Teton Village Water and Sewer District recently awarded the 2020 McCollister Drive Water Main Replacement Project to Westwood Curtis Construction, Inc.  The intersection of McCollister Drive – Rachel Way / Cody Drive will be affected by this project, which is set to begin on Monday, August 24, 2020, and continue through mid-September.  The District asks that property owners, residents, visitors and employees in Teton Village proceed through this intersection with caution due to the presence of workers, heavy equipment and traffic safety devices / measures.   A more detailed e-mail discussing project scope and timing will be sent to the District’s customers of record, as well as to property management contacts for multiple dwelling units.  You can also contact Bill Barrett, Director of Public Works, at billbarrett@tetonvillagewy.org for more information.

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