Parking FAQ’s

How do I pay for daily parking in Teton Village?

Take your parking ticket with you to pay with either of the two methods below, and hold onto it to scan the barcode when you exit.
• Walk up to a kiosk near the Ranch lot restrooms or on the bus island at the base of the Tram.
• Scan the QR code posted in the parking lots to pay on your phone.

Or pay by inserting a credit card at the kiosk when exiting the parking lot.

What if I need help getting in or out of the parking lot?

Push the “Help” button in the bottom right corner of the screen to be connected to a live representative via video call.

How do carpools get FREE parking in the Ranch lot?

Take a parking ticket at the red kiosk, then stop at the booth before entering the Ranch parking lot to get your ticket validated between 6:30AM and 1PM. Keep your ticket to scan the barcode at exit for free parking.

Tell me more about the QR code

ParkWhiz accepts payment for parking in Teton Village lots starting about an hour after entering the lot, valid for 12 hours. After paying online, hold onto your ticket and scan the barcode to exit.