Holiday Commuter Choice Challenge Winners 2019

For the second year, Teton Village Association partnered with Jackson Hole
Mountain Resort and Friends of Pathways to reduce holiday traffic. The Commuter Choice
Challenge holiday edition invited participants to track their trips using alternative transportation,
such as riding the START Bus or carpooling. Participants were then entered to win fabulous prizes
donated by the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, but our whole community wins when there are fewer
single occupancy vehicles on our roads – we benefit from less traffic, fewer emissions and reduced
vehicle-wildlife conflicts. Sixty four commuters who rode the bus, biked or carpooled over the
holidays collectively logged 14,890 miles in 867 trips between December 22, 2018 and January 6,
2019. This means nearly 1,000 fewer cars on our roads and a better quality of life for all of us.
“I think it [the Commuter Choice Challenge] raises awareness of alternative commuting options for
folks in and outside of Teton County. We are very fortunate to have these amazing options in a
community of this size,” said Dave Ferrier, who logged the most miles in this year’s challenge. Last
year, Ferrier won the grand prize for traveling the most miles and the most trips for his commute
between Star Valley Ranch and Teton Village by carpool and START Bus.

During the Challenge, TVA added more express shuttles between Stilson and Teton Village to make
it easier to ride the bus, and increased the cost of parking in Teton Village while continuing to offer
free parking for carpools to discourage single occupancy vehicles. At the same time, ridership on the
free Express Stilson shuttle increased by 63% over last year, with 16% more vehicles parked at the
Stilson transit center. START Bus ridership also increased over last year, and more vehicles
entering the Teton Village lots carried carpools than usual, accounting for nearly 70% of the vehicles
in the Ranch parking lot on one day.

Teton Village Association, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Friends of Pathways would like to
thank all of the commuters who participated, and congratulate the winners of the 2018-19
Commuter Choice Challenge holiday edition:

1st PLACE: Barclay Moore (most miles & most trips)
Yeti Tundra Cooler 65 and 2 JHMR Lift Tickets
2nd PLACE: Dave Ferrier (most miles)
Yeti Roadie Cooler 20 and 2 JHMR Lift Tickets
3rd PLACE: David Strawser (most trips)
Yeti Panga Duffle Bag 75 and 2 JHMR Lift Tickets

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