How you can Protect Wildlife in Teton Village

The Grand Teton Range near Teton Village, WY.

The District Offices have recently had an increase in calls regarding trash & wildlife interaction. To help minimize the risk of all wildlife, including bears, getting into garbage in Teton Village please make sure that you are taking the following precautions by ensuring your trash & trash bins

-Are only put out on trash pick-up days and are taken in as soon as possible
-Are not overflowing and lids are securely latched when put out for pick up to prevent animal access
-Are stored in an enclosure to prevent animal access

These steps will help keep our wildlife wild and will also ensure you are following the TVAC Restrictive Covenants.  If you have any questions or wish to see more detail the Restrictive Conveniences can be found with then Architectural Committees pages.

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