Please Keep Propane & Natural Gas Regulators Clear of Snow and Debris

We are again asking for your help to keep the community safe this winter by paying attention to gas connections located outside your home or business if you use propane or natural gas.  Teton Village Volunteer Fire Department has been responding to multiple call-outs related to gas leaks.  

Snow and ice buildup – due to heavy snowfall, removal of snow from roofs, etc. – can shear the line between the regulator and the building, causing the leak.  This presents a very dangerous situation for occupants as well as responding firefighters, who must dig out buried regulators by hand using plastic shovels, thus, preventing friction which could lead to the gas igniting and causing an explosion. 

If your home is connected to natural gas, you must conduct a visual inspection of the outside connection yourself or contact your property manager to inspect the area around the regulator.   Clear snow, ice, and other debris away, if needed, on a regular basis. 

The Teton Village Special Fire District Board of Directors and Fire Chief Jon Bishop would like to remind property owners and managers it is their responsibility to keep regulators clear of any kind of debris, as propane and natural gas companies do not have the manpower to inspect or maintain them.  

They also ask that everyone be mindful of the fire hydrants around the Village, as these locations are regularly cleared and must remain so.  Should you notice a fire hydrant with limited accessibility, you are asked to contact the District Office at 307-733-5457.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

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