#STARTBus Challenge encourages locals & visitors to get out of their cars

Make Your 2017 Resolution: Save money, Be the solution, Get the best drop off, Win free ski days or VIP concert tickets.

Teton Village, WY – Think of it as a free valet right to the Tram.  And be part of the solution to reduce traffic. Park at Stilson and ride the bus to the base of the Tram in Teton Village for free.

Teton Village would rather you didn’t pay for parking and instead would ride the bus for free.  “By not driving to Teton Village, you get there fast, direct, hassle free and free of charge from Stilson.  Most of all, you are part of the solution by using smart transit to lessen traffic,” said Melissa Turley, Teton Village Association Executive Director. Guests of Teton Village can also ride the START Bus from the many convenient locations in town free with their Grand Pass or for just $3 – much less than parking fees, plus there are nearly 100 daily trips between Town and the Village.

Try it – ride START Bus to the Village, post your picture on Instagram, and tag #STARTBus for a chance to win! We’ll select the best photo each week for the next month to win two free days of skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Winners will be entered to win one grand prize: two VIP tickets to the Zac Brown Band concert on March 18. The grand prize winner will be announced February 20th.

You’ll save as much as $400 in parking fees and you might win in more ways than one.  Best of all, the community is the real winner — more locals and visitors on smart transit alleviates traffic congestion. Try it…repeat it.  Enter your chance to win it.

Teton Village Association (TVA) and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort would like to encourage people to use public transit more and more – and hopes the community will want to talk together about using the same smart transit in the summer, using Stilson to help take hundreds of vehicles off of the roadways every day, year-round through park and ride.

TVA partners with START Bus and contracts Alltrans shuttles to provide frequent and free service from the Teton Village Transit Center (Stilson) at the corner of Highways 390 and 22. The complete START Bus schedule is available online at startbus.com. Free public Alltrans shuttles also depart Stilson for Teton Village every 30 minutes between 6:15am and 8:15am and make the return trip at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30pm from the bus stop at the base of the Tram in Teton Village.

In order to encourage employees and skiers to ride the bus to Teton Village, TVA charges for winter parking as part of our travel demand management program. Winter daily parking rates are $20 for the close-in parking lots and $10 for the Ranch lot, where carpools with three or more passengers park free. Parking at Stilson is free. 100% of the money collected from paid parking in Teton Village supports efforts to reduce cars on our roads.

Contact:  Melissa Turley, mturley@tetonvillagewy.org, (307) 733-5898

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