Winter Parking Press Release

Winter Parking Information

 For Immediate Release: 11/30/16

Contact:  Melissa Turley, mturley@tetonvillagewy.org, (307) 733-5898

 Teton Village, WY – When the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort opens for the winter season on Thursday, December 1, 2016, Teton Village Association (TVA) will also begin paid parking operations. One of the purposes of creating Teton Village Association (TVA) was to help reduce traffic on Highway 390. Keeping the Village Road two lanes is good for wildlife, good for our neighbors and lightens our environmental footprint.

TVA partners with START Bus and pays for Alltrans shuttles to provide frequent and free service from the Teton Village Transit Center (Stilson) at the corner of Highways 390 and 22. START Bus offers nearly 100 daily trips between the Town of Jackson and Teton Village that stop at Stilson. In order to encourage employees and skiers to ride the bus to Teton Village, TVA is required to charge for winter parking at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village as part of our travel demand management program.

Paid parking in all Village lots and the expansion of START Bus service to Teton Village in the winter have actually decreased average traffic volumes although the average daily skiers has increased, since data monitoring began in 2000. Find out more on our website.

Winter daily parking rates are $20 for the close-in parking lots and $10 for the Ranch lot, where carpools with three or more passengers park free. Parking is free at Stilson. Season parking passes are on sale at Teton Village Sports and Hoback Sports. In keeping with our goal of reducing traffic, all Teton Village employees receive START Bus passes from their employer, and are not to park in the Village.

The money collected from paid parking in Teton Village supports efforts to reduce cars on our roads, including parking management, the Stilson transit center, data monitoring, and free Alltrans shuttles to and within Teton Village. Combined, these programs cost TVA more than the revenue generated from parking fees.

In striving to achieve Teton County’s vision to preserve and protect the ecosystem, Teton Village is proud of our work to reduce traffic. As a result of less cars, there are fewer wildlife-vehicle collisions, lower carbon emissions, and less vehicle congestion, which helps add up to a higher quality of life overall for our Teton County community.



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