Commuters choose to bus, bike and carpool over the holidays

Teton Village District Offices

One hundred fourteen commuters rode the bus, biked or carpooled over the holidays, and logged their trips for the chance to win one of four fantastic prizes donated by the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Collectively, these commuters logged 24,049 miles in 1,708 trips, including 538 active miles by bike or on foot between December 20, 2017 and January 5, 2018. This means nearly 2,000 fewer cars on our roads, less carbon emissions in the air we breathe and a better quality of life for all of us.

Teton Village Association (TVA) partnered with Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Friends of Pathways to bring you the Commuter Choice Challenge holiday edition to reduce traffic during a busy time on our roads. At the same time, TVA added more free shuttles between Stilson and Teton Village to make it easier to ride the bus, and increased the cost of parking in Teton Village while continuing to offer free parking for carpools to discourage single occupancy vehicles. During the Challenge, there were 6% fewer vehicles parked in the Teton Village lots and of those vehicles 6% more were carpools, 36% more people rode the free Stilson shuttle TVA contracts for, and START Bus carried one million riders in a calendar year for the first time. Use of Teton Rideshare’s Duet app that connects riders and drivers who are commuting also grew exponentially during this time.

Teton Village Association, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Friends of Pathways would like to thank all 114 commuters who participated, and congratulate the winners of the 2017-18 Commuter Choice Challenge holiday edition:

GRAND PRIZE: Dave Ferrier (most miles & most trips) 2 Rendezvous VIP Tickets and 2 JHMR Lift Tickets

1st PLACE: Amy Perkins (most miles) Sego Skis and 2 JHMR Lift Tickets

2nd PLACE: Will Brown (most trips) Marmot Sleeping Bag and 2 JHMR Lift Tickets

3rd PLACE: Virginia Dean (randomly selected) GO PRO and 2 JHMR Lift Tickets

Grand Prize winner Dave Ferrier lives in Star Valley Ranch and commutes to Jackson five days a week, working at the village four of those days. He carpools to the Etna community center to pick up the bus, or carpools all the way to Jackson and rides the START Bus to the Village from town. “I choose the bus and ride share to cut down on traffic and emissions. I thought it would be fun to actually see how many miles I travel in a given period and the challenge motivated me to follow through with it,” said Ferrier. Similarly, Will Brown who logged the most trips said he takes the bus every day to work “so I can save gas and not have to worry about driving in hazardous conditions.”

Challenge participant Alex Lemieux chose to reduce traffic on her trips to ski in Teton Village, “Carpooling or taking the bus is so easy. It may take a little more time to coordinate, but I have found out that the START Bus runs so frequently that if you arrive at Stilson at any time of the day you shouldn’t have to wait more than 15-20 minutes for a ride – oftentimes it’s less! And with carpooling – most of the time I’m planning on meeting up with friends to ski anyway, so why not meet up in town and ride together? It’s a great way to reduce traffic and save money at the same time!”

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