Residences being build in Teton Village, WY.

TVAC Tree Removal

Teton Village Architectural Committee Tree Removal Regulations

If you wish to cut and/or remove living trees, review and approval is needed from the TVAC before any work can begin.

To help expedite the process, the TVAC asks that you flag each tree to be removed, allowing the TVAC Building Inspector to visually inspect the trees planned for removal.

Additionally, for Committee review, please provide the following in one complete document that can be easily shared:

  • Count and species of trees to be removed
  • Reason for trees to be removed
  • Any planned replacement trees, landscaping, or improvements
  • Images or a site plan of the lot indicating which trees will be removed – you can utilize Teton County GIS aerial photos to show the trees from above in place of a site plan.

Property owners are allowed to cut and remove standing dead trees and/or brush within their lot without Committee approval.

*This statement has been paraphrased, for exact wording please consult the TVAC Restrictive Covenants.