The Teton Village welcome sign behind flowers near the entrance of Teton Village, WY.

District Boundaries

Ski slopes at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort near Teton Village, WY.

Teton Village Districts Boundaries

In Teton Village, five Special Districts and one Committee are each responsible for a different aspect of infrastructure within the Village. While all are housed at the District Offices, each is has individual Boundaries defining what area of Teton Village they serve.

Teton Village District Offices

Commercial Improvement & Service District (TVAISD)

Teton Village Association Improvement & Service District enhances the guest experience to make Teton Village the #1 destination resort. TVAISD is responsible for all municipal functions in the commercial core of Teton Village and owns the Village Commons. The areas served by TVAISD are shaded in orange.

Teton Village District Offices

Teton Village Resort District (TVRD)

Teton Village Resort District funds enhancements to the guest experience so Teton Village is the #1 destination resort. TVRD is fundED by a 2% resort district sales tax. The areas served by TVRD are shaded in brown.

Teton Village District Offices

Water & Sewer District (TVW&SD)

The Teton Village Water & Sewer District (TVWS&D) provides water and sewer services and related infrastructure in Teton Village, including Granite Ridge and Shooting Star. The areas served by TVW&SD are shaded in light blue.

Teton Village District Offices

Residential Improvement & Service District (TVISD)

The Teton Village Improvement and Service District (TVISD) provides municipal services in the residential areas of Teton Village, including main roadways in Granite Ridge. Services include road maintenance, road capital improvement, snow removal, parking enforcement, and signage. The areas served by TVISD are shaded in green.

Teton Village District Offices

Special Fire District (TVSFD)

The Teton Village Special Fire District (TVSFD) provides and manages fire protection services available to Teton Village, with the “Teton Village Volunteer Fire Department” as the firefighting arm of the TVSFD. The areas served by TVSFD are shaded in red.

Teton Village District Offices

Architectural Committee (TVAC)

The Teton Village Architectural Committee (TVAC) enforces restrictive covenants and design guidelines within the Original Village boundaries. The areas served by TVAC are shaded in dark blue.