Ski slopes at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort near Teton Village, WY.

Residential Construction & Remodel Information

A dining room at a residence in Teton Village, WY.
Timelines for TVAC Submittal

The TVAC Applicant Checklist can be used to help navigate the TVAC approval process and all items on the list may not apply to a project. This checklist should be submitted in conjunction with a request to be included on a TVAC meeting agenda as well as a project informational packet – such as plans, sample materials, or images. Please click below for more information on TVAC approval process timelines.

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A forklift working on a residence in Teton Village, WY.
TVAC Noise & Operating Hours

Except when related to emergency conditions, snow removal, snow control, or for the purpose of construction under a validly issued Building Permit between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM…

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Residences being build in Teton Village, WY.
TVAC Tree Removal

Native trees and timber shall not be removed from any lot or tract, except as may be deemed necessary by the Architectural Committee for the construction of authorized buildings and improvements…

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Solar panels on the roof of a residence in Teton Village, WY.
Common Questions

Find a list a the most common questions regarding construction and remodel information in Teton Village here…

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Large rocks in front of the Teton Village District Offices in Teton Village, WY.
Contact Director of Public Works

Find information for contacting the Director of Public Works, Operations Personnel, and Administrative Personnel here…

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