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Common Construction Questions

Common Questions Related to Construction Projects

What are the Village construction hours?

While there are no times limiting when work can happen, the TVAC Restrictive Covenants limit “excessive noise.” Please see TVAC Noise & Operating Hours for more details.

How far in advance do I need to submit my project for approval to the TVAC?

Depending on the size and scope of your project, the TVAC requires one- to two-weeks notice to be added to the agenda for review. Please see Timelines for TVAC Submittal for more information.

Do I need approvals to make repairs to the exterior of my house or building?

If you are not changing the existing color, finish, and/or materials, you do not need TVAC approval. Otherwise, any visual changes will need approval from the TVAC. Please see Timelines for TVAC Submittal for more information.

What permits do I need for my project?

Depending on the size and scope of your project, you may need a variety of permits from several of the Teton Village Districts. Please see Residential Permits for more information.

Is there additional parking for a project at my property?

Teton Village Improvement & Service District issues construction parking for job sites in the Original Village. Because Teton Village roadways are narrow, the number of spots issued may be less than needed. Contractors and subcontractors can utilize other parking and transportation options for Teton Village. Please see Parking & Transportation for more information.

How do I connect to water and sewer?

The Teton Village Water & Sewer District Board reviews and approves Connection Applications at Board meetings, as submitted. Please see W&S Applications & Connections for more information.

Can I cut or remove trees from my property?

The Teton Village Architectural Committee must approve the removal or cutting of any living trees or timber within TVAC boundaries. Please see TVAC Tree Removal for more information.