The Teton Village welcome sign behind flowers near the entrance of Teton Village, WY.

District Government

Teton Village Special Districts

Teton Village, a bustling corner of Jackson Hole, is an unincorporated area of Teton County governed by five Special Districts. The Teton Village Architectural Committee (TVAC) is tasked with upholding the Restrictive Covenants. Each District is responsible for an integral part of the Village, building, maintaining, and protecting infrastructure to support residents and visitors, while maintaining the character of Teton Village.

While all six entities share space at the District Offices, each is as individual as its Directors. Each Special District has its own Board of Directors, elections, Board meeting schedule, District boundaries, revenue sources, and annual budget.

A gavel on the table in a government meeting room.
Meetings & Agendas

District Board Meetings take place in person at the District Office or virtually as appropriate. Please contact individual Districts to confirm an upcoming meeting date, time, and location or meeting link to attend.

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Board Members

The Teton Village District Office on Rachel Way houses staff of the five Teton Village Districts and Architectural Committee, serving both the Residential and Commercial interests in Teton Village. Here, you will find a list of each entity’s Board of Directors.

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Ski slopes at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort near Teton Village, WY.
District Boundaries

Depending on your location in Teton Village, your property may fall within one or more District’s boundaries. More information regarding each District and its boundaries can be found here.

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District Budgets

Teton Village District’s Annual Budgets, as submitted to the State of Wyoming each July, and can be found here.

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