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Architectural Committee

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In Teton Village, there are three separate architectural committees that enforce restrictive covenants and design guidelines of each of their respective organizations; Teton Village Architectural Committee, Granite Ridge Architectural Committee, and Shooting Star Architectural Committee.

The Teton Village Architectural Committee (TVAC) is tasked with ensuring residences and businesses within the original Village abide by the rules as outlined in the Teton Village Master Plan and Restrictive Covenants. Permission is required from the TVAC for new construction, remodels, signage, landscaping, and exterior changes/modifications.

In addition to the Architectural Committees, there are a number of homeowner associations that generally provide for the maintenance and repair of buildings and associated common areas. These HOA’s also enforce rules relative to exterior changes and landscaping. Property owners who wish to initiate a construction project, whether it is for new construction or a remodel, should first contact their respective architectural committee to make sure it complies with the restrictive covenants.

All construction projects must also comply with building codes set forth by the Teton County Planning Department and a Teton County building permit is required for most construction projects.

A Connection Permit from the Teton Village Water and Sewer District is required for all new construction within the boundaries of the District, and for remodel projects with water and/or sewer fixture units.

If construction is planned for the residential areas of Teton Village or Granite Ridge, a Construction Parking Permit must be secured prior to the commencement of the project.

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Teton Village District Offices



Herb Brooks, Building Inspector for Teton Village Architectural Committee.
Herb Brooks

Building Inspector

Elisabeth Collins, Office Administrator of Teton Village District Offices.
Elisabeth Collins

Office Administrator



Teton Village Architectural Committee is made up of five members, who serve without compensation. Residential, Commercial, and Multi-Dwelling representatives are elected to terms of three years. In addition, the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort appoints a representative for the resort and a Consulting Architect is appointed by the Committee annually.

A Building Inspector is also appointed by the Committee annually but is not a voting member. According to the Restrictive Covenants of Teton Village, Committee members must be residents of Teton County. The next election for the Commercial Representative will take place in December 2021.

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