A dining room at a residence in Teton Village, WY.

Timelines for TVAC Submittal

Teton Village Architectural Committee Applicant Checklist Timelines

The TVAC Applicant Checklist can be used to help navigate the TVAC approval process and all items on the checklist may not apply to a project. This checklist should be submitted in conjunction with a request to be included on a TVAC meeting agenda, as well as project informational packet – such as plans, sample materials, or images. Please submit your request to be included on a TVAC meeting agenda no later than:

Two weeks (ten business days) for requests related to:

  • New construction projects
  • Large remodel projects
  • Requests that require a variance
  • Commercial requests larger than 5,000 sqft

One week (five business days) for requests related to:

  • Signage
  • Tree removal
  • Minor exterior changes
  • Roofing, siding, or window changes
  • Renewal of existing approval

Plans, completed Applicant Checklist, and any supporting materials must be submitted no later than one week (five business days) in advance of the meeting date you are on the agenda for.

Requests received inside these timeframes may be deferred to the next TVAC agenda. Between–meeting approval can be requested but is not guaranteed and will be charged 3x the normal review fee.