Ski slopes in the off season behind the welcome sign to Teton Village, WY.

Snow Removal

A street in Teton Village, WY, that has recently been snow plowed.

Snow Removal Process

The Teton Village Improvement & Service District contracts for snow removal on the residential roads in Teton Village and the main roadways in Granite Ridge. Property owners are responsible for snow removal from their driveways, parking areas, and decks.

Property owners can expect two travel lanes to be cleared by 7:30 AM when snow falls during the night. The windrow across the driveway and pathway intersections will be removed after the roads are plowed. All roads are routinely sanded with the exception of upper McCollister Drive, Curtis Drive, Morley Drive, Holly Drive, and Michael Drive, which are sanded at the request of District Office personnel.

Problem areas should be reported to the District Office, 307.733.5457. Property owners are asked to be patient when large amounts of snowfall occur.