Ski slopes in the off season behind the welcome sign to Teton Village, WY.

Other Utilities

A black bear poking his head through some trees.
Trash Pickup

Bear-resistant garbage bins must be stored in an enclosure, which prevents animal access at all times. There are no public dumpsters located in Teton Village.

Private residential garbage removal companies servicing Teton Village include:

The recycle symbol on a green moss background.

Self-serve recycling bins are located in Teton Village near the Ranch Lot.

Find a list of other locations and recyclable materials here.

For residential pickup, Jackson Curbside Recycling offers services throughout Teton County. Call 307.733.8559 for more information.

A log residence in Teton Village, WY.

Bringing electricity to Teton Village and the surrounding Teton County communities, Lower Valley Energy serves all your electric and gas needs.

Visit their website for more information: https://www.lvenergy.com

A living room with a fireplace at a residence in Teton Village, WY.

Teton Village phone and internet providers include:

Entryway at a residence in Teton Village, WY.
Mail Delivery

Mail delivery in Teton Village can seem very different than many other areas of the country. You will notice there are no mailboxes at the end of driveways or mail carriers en-route on Village roads. If you would like to establish USPS mail in Teton Village, visit the post office located in the Village Core, just across from the Bodega gas station.

It is also good to note that shippers like FedEx and UPS may also transfer packages to the USPS at times, so it is good to list your P.O. Box at the end of your name.

Children enjoy popsicles near a poolside.
Sundance Tennis and Swim Club

The Sundance Tennis and Swim Club is located in the residential heart of Teton Village.

Find more information about amenities for condo owners and their rental guests here: https://sundancetennisswimclub.com/