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TVWSD Bill Pay

The District is excited to share the launch of its customer billing and payments portal.

To help you get acquainted with the new customer portal we have provided some standard FAQs below.

  • What methods can I use to make a payment?

The portal offers you the ability to pay by credit card or ACH/bank draft.  You can QuickPay which does not require a login or – following a simple registration process – you can login to your account and then make payment. 

Once a login is created, you can pay your bill, enroll in auto-pay, manage your account information and view your billing and payment history.  You can also choose to have your monthly billing invoice sent to you electronically,  ensuring the invoice makes its way to you wherever you are and giving you more time between receipt and payment of the invoice.

  • When is my payment due by?

All methods of payment are due by the 28th of the month.  As a reminder, meters are read a few days before the end of each month, billing invoices are then created and distributed as close to the end of the month as possible, and payments are due by the 28th of the following month – for example:  meters are read March 26th, invoices are issued March 31st, payments are due April 28th

  • When is a payment considered late?

For payments made by traditional check and mailed to the District Office, they must be received in the District’s PO Box by the 28th or the morning of the first business day that follows should the 28th be a holiday or over the weekend.

For electronic payments made through the portal, your payment must be made / reflected as pending by 11 PM Central Time on the 28th.

                  Accounts that are paid late will incur a late charge of 1.5% (applied to use and base fees).

  • Are there any additional costs when paying online?

Should you choose to set up auto-pay, where payment is regularly scheduled via ACH/bank draft, then you will incur no processing fee.  But, please remember to keep your banking information up to date.  If this information changes or your account has insufficient funds to make payment, you could incur late charges.

When making a one-time payment via the portal, you will be charged a 3.0% fee initiated by and paid directly to the payment processor.  This occurs whether the one-time payment is made by credit card or ACH/bank draft.    This fee will be calculated for you and shown to you online before you confirm payment and will be reflected separately on your credit card or banking statement as “TETON VILLAGE”.

  • Can I set the amount of my payment?

With one-time payments, you can choose to pay in full, pay in part, or pay a set amount each month.  With auto-pay, you can choose to pay in full or pay a set amount each month.   You can also set a maximum limit for payment.  But, please remember that late charges will still apply to any unpaid portion of your outstanding balance.

  • If I sign up for auto-pay, when will my payment be processed?

Once signed up for auto-pay, your account will be drafted on the 20th of each month, or the first business day that follows should the 20th be a holiday or over the weekend.

  • When might it benefit me to pay by traditional check?

You many want to consider sending the District a check when making a more sizable payment for a connection fee, a meter purchase, or a fats, oil and grease (FOG) violation that is issued through the billing invoice, or for the Annual Payment Option Program, because processing fees will apply to a one-time online payment. 

  • I have made a payment but it still shows as pending?

Payments made by Credit Card or ECheck will be posted once they are reflected in our bank account.   

Credit Card payments take approximately 2-4 days to be reflected in the districts bank account.

ECheck payments can take up to two weeks to be reflected in the districts bank account.

Auto Pay ACH will be posted the day they are initiated.

  • I have made an annual payment but my dash board reflects $0.00?

Once logged into your account, the Pay Bill box will read $0.00 under ‘Current Due’ as long as you have credit balance. 

To verify the amount of your credit balance click the ‘View Current Bill’ button.  You will be redirected to your statement which will reflect your credit balance on the ‘Total Amount Due’ line.  A dash between the dollar sign and numbers will indicate a credit amount ex. $100.00. 

  • How do I update my account information and preferences? 

Once logged into the portal, navigate to the ‘Help’ box.

Click the “I want to change my communication preferences” under the User Profile section.

From this page you can update your billing address, email, phone number and communication preferences.

It is your responsibility to keep this information current to ensure prompt delivery of your billing invoice.  For those who want their billing invoice sent electronically, please remember to double-check during set-up and then regularly confirm your e-mail address, so that a billing invoice we send does not bounce.  Should it bounce, the District Office will mail you a copy of the bill.

  • How do I link multiple TVWSD accounts to one login?

Once logged into the portal, navigate to the top right of the page.

Click the ‘Manage Accounts’ link shown in white text on the right side of the black bar.

Click the ‘Link New Account’ button and enter the last 2-3 digits of your account number (leading zeros can be dropped).

Click the box next to the correct account, and then click the newly highlighted ‘Link New Account’ button.  You will then be prompted to enter your login credentials.

Once accounts are added, from the home screen, use the drop down on the left side of the black navigation bar to switch between accounts.

  • How do I view a past bill or payment?

From the main page of the portal, find the ‘Account History’ box.

Click on the ‘View Account History Details’ link.

On this page you can see a list of all invoices and payments.

To view a specific bill, use the Paper Icon located at the left side of a ‘Charge’ line.

For your banking security, please note that District staff cannot assist you in making payment via the portal. 

Please feel free to call us with questions, concerns or other feedback about the portal, but not with a request that involves the sharing of personal credit card or banking details. 

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