TVWSD 2023 Water Quality Report & Public Notice

District water testing results are compiled to create the annual Consumer Confidence Report, better known as the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. Teton Village Water & Sewer Operators strive to provide Village residents and visitors with top quality water year after year. District water is tested daily for chlorine residual, as well to ensure we are providing safe drinking water.


The TVWSD 2023 Water Quality Report is available via the District website.


While the 2023 CCR includes a public notice of failure to monitor for routine water quality testing in April. Subsequent months have all returned results showing Teton Village drinking water is safe for consumption. District operators have no reason to believe drinking water quality was impaired in any way. Routine testing will continue monthly as required by USEPA standards.


If you have any questions please reach out to the Operators at (307) 733-9231.


Paper copies of current and past Consumer Confidence Reports can be obtained from the District Office via a request made in person, via phone, or in writing

Office Hours : Monday through Thursday 8am-3pm

Fridays by appointment

Physical Address : 7020 N Rachel Way Teton Village, WY 83025

Mailing Address : PO Box 586 Teton Village, WY 83025

Phone : 307-733-5457

Email : office@tetonvillagewy.org