Fed Bears are Dead Bears

Teton Village is making news and not in a good way.

This fall bear and wildlife access to trash in Teton Village is at an all time high.  At least two bears have been euthanized because of repeated access to unsecured garbage or other attractants.

Wildlife access to trash is a simple problem to remedy with a small bit of effort from each owner, tenant, employee and property manager.  Bear Wise JH has put together an informational flyer that include attractants and approved ways to prevent access which include

  • Check that your home has an Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) certified bear-resistant trash container
  • Take an extra minute to ensure a trash bin put out for pick up is properly latched
  • Do NOT pile extra garbage loosely outside of the trash bin on pick up day
  • Make sure employees understand how to properly secure and store a grease trap or barrel

If your home or business needs to update its trash enclosure, please make sure to get approval from TVAC before making exterior changes.  It is also important to review Teton County LDR’s to ensure your enclosure also meets County Code.

Visit the – Report A Bear – page on our website for other useful wildlife recourses and ways to contact Wildlife Game and Fish to report wildlife conflicts.